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Healings & Readings with Kelly

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Tarot Reading
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Healings & Readings with Kelly

About Me

Hello beautiful souls and welcome to my site. 

My name is Kelly and I am an intuitive Tarot reader as well as a Usui Reiki Master, Rahanni Celestial healing, Pellowah Energy, and Prograna Energy healing practitioner based in the heart of Wales, UK.

I have had the pleasure of working with hundreds of clients and will continue to do so in a non judgemental, open, caring and confidential way. 

My room, The Safe Space, is based in Llandrindod Wells in Mid Wales, but I am able to work with you distantly too and have clients all over the World🌍

I am passionate about trying to make a difference for the better in your life. If you are drawn to trying one or more of my services or would like to know anything more then please get in touch I would love to connect with you.

Love, light and healing vibes to you all 💚🙏

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