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Prograna translates to 'The Light'. Encoded sequences, information and instructions are contained within its energy, as you connect to Prograna you receive an imprinting of cosmic language that is divinely instructed to assist you in awakening to your most evolved self.

Contained within Prograna energy are frequencies, sacred geometry, colours, tones, sounds and light codes that interact with your own soul's blueprint. Prograna channels from your heart space and emits it's frequency into your diamond light body, activating each fractal of light within the 7-body system, including the diamond light body.

As each point of light is activated, you are able to embody higher frequencies and states of consciousness, your personal master blueprint is awakened and this energy merges with your heart space, awakening the diamond light of infinite consciousness within.

Where did Prograna originate?

Samantha Sarah Brown began to channel Prograna in December 2020, during a Pellowah attunement. She was taken to the council of light and presented with a contract to sign, which she later discovered was the contract to channel Prograna.

After this, Sam received very little information on this energy. When asking for guidance, the message remained the same: 'Timing'. Prograna was not able to be channelled until the collective consciousness had reached a specific level.

Prograna is one energy that contains many energies within. Each fractal of energy serves a very specific purpose, and if one aspect of Prograna is not illuminated then Prograna cannot be present. 

Prograna is an empowerment to discover the depths of our individual blueprints, so that we can step into our highest point, but for us to fully embody our highest potential, we need to align the collective consciousness so that we can reach unity and oneness.

The primary focus of Prograna

  • Assists us with anchoring and embodiment of the infinite consciousness

  • Unifying the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine templates, so that we are able to embody the three energies: Divine Masculine, Divine Feminine and the Luxeion energy

  • Removing distortion and wounding

  • Integration of the shadow aspects

  • Awakening of the kundalini energy

  • Activation of the crystalline DNA structures

  • Activation and alignment of the diamond light body and master blueprint

  • Activation and alignment of the 7 body system

  • Powerful heart activation, including the 3-fold flame

  • Restructuring of the chakra system and auric field

  • Discovery of one-self at the deepest level

  • Accelerates ascension individually and collectively

  • Alignment of the cosmic, planetary and master blueprint

Benefits of Prograna

  • Increased clarity

  • Connection and embodiment to your purpose and mission

  • Shedding the layers of all that you are not

  • Finding your truth

  • Increased inner light

  • Alignment of the entire energy system, this includes the chakras, meridians, the 7-body system and diamond light body back to the original blueprints

  • Empowerment of self

  • Feeling a state of bliss

  • Increased awareness and expansion of consciousness

  • Being centred in oneself

  • Restores the equilibrium

  • Sheds the distortion of human and spiritual ego, programming, constructs, paradigms and limitation


Prograna will assist in empowering you to reach your highest potential.

What can you expect during your treatment?

The session will last up to an hour, between 33 minutes and 60 minutes. During the session you will lay down on the bed and wear an eye mask. You will not be physically touched during the session. It is my role as practitioner to draw the energy into the diamond light body, typically at a distance of at least 2 feet away from you.

It is recommended that you do not wear any crystal jewellery during the session.


I will be the 'anchor point' for Prograna. As the session begins you will be held in the divine templates of unconditional love, unity and oneness. The energy of Prograna begins to descend down the recipient's own energy channel, also known as the Antakarana. This begins to open the divine diamond heart space, where Prograna begins to expand into the 7-body system and diamond light body.


Each session and experiences will be unique to each client.


Before the session I will talk you through what to expect, we will arrange a time for you to receive Prograna that will be sent to you at a set time. You will need to be undisturbed for up to an hour.

After your Prograna session


It is important that you:

  • Remain hydrated, this will assist with the energetic shifts.

  • Eat any foods that you feel you need, your body will navigate you to the nutrients you need to maintain your energy levels

  • Refrain from having any other healing therapy at least 24 hours following Prograna to allow the shifts to integrate and not overwhelm the system

  • Do not consume and recreational substances including alcohol at least 24  hours after treatment.

Prograna Workshops


If you are interested in attending a Prograna workshop yourself then please contact Samantha Brown at:

Facebook: Prograna Energy Healing


Tel: 07852294858

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