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3 Healing is a healing modality that uses a combination of crystals, light language and light codes. Crystal healing involves using crystals with various healing benefits, light language and light code is your Soul’s language that holds your unique frequency or essence. Think of light as information that is unique to you and your own personal journey. Light language is a channel through which you bring that subtle information forward into the physical reality to support you at this time.

3 Healing is a healing modality that has been channelled by myself just recently, so it is a completely new healing modality. A 3 Healing session is very intuitive, so no session will be the same.


Where did 3 Healing originate?

I was on my way to work one day, minding my own business, when I had a sudden download of information. I saw images of light codes being etched onto crystals, each meaning something different, and great detail as to how I would use them. I also saw me providing these healing sessions to my lovely clients and then going on to teach this healing modality too (all this in the space of 5 minutes).


When I arrived at the Safe Space, I quickly noted all of the information that came in and this is where 3 Healing came from. The information I received continued to come in over the following weeks until I was guided to offer these sessions out. The information included the types of crystals I would need to use in the sessions, the light codes and their meanings, where they would need to be placed, who I needed to call in to help during the healing sessions and even the music I needed to use. I have named it 3 Healing as it uses a combination of crystals, light language, and light codes in each session. 

Why have a 3 Healing session?

3 Healing will help in a number of ways - Mentally, Physically, Emotionally, and Spiritually. Whatever your mind, body and soul needs at this time. A 3 Healing session will be unique to you, your current circumstances, and it will provide the healing energy to support what it is that you need to move forward.

3 Healing involves the use of 'lights codes' and crystals, each light code etched into the crystal that will help with the following:

  • Remembering Love - When things happen in our lives that hurt us, we can close ourselves off and we can lose our compassion/love for others, our relationships may begin to suffer, we may find it difficult to truly connect to others. The remembering love symbol helps with exactly that.

  • Releasing & replacing - This can help us to truly release and replace all that no longer serves us, from outdated thoughts and patterns to ties that we have outgrown and have become outdated in our lives. This can be through the release of traumas and stresses of our past that we need to be able to move on from too.

  • Removing cycles & patterns - This relates to removing outdated cycles and patterns, but also the patterns that we unknowingly have taken on (ancestral cycles and even patterns relating to past lives), allowing us to make changes and not to repeat cycles that no longer serve us.

  • Revealing our evolution - When we are feeling stuck in a rut, not knowing the direction that we are heading, unsure if we are on the right path and doing the right thing, this will help show us the way forward for our highest and greatest good.

  • Regenerate - Helping to open and activate our heart and throat centres, allowing for more love to be given and received, as well as to help to communicate our needs to others and ensure that they are met by being able to get our voice heard in a way that helps all. The healing session will also help with your own DNA upgrades and light code activations. 

  • Restore - Unity to all.  This healing modality will help to raise your vibration which will have not only an effect on you but those around you too. A big part of the 3 Healing session is to restore unity by raising the collective consciousness. We are all one.

This is only the tip of the iceberg as to how this healing modality can help you as I continue to receive information that will help me to refine each session.


The feedback I have had has been so unique to each person and where they currently are in their own lives. If you read any of the above and thought "yes, I could do with trying that" or feel drawn to it and don't know why, book yourself in!

These sessions can be done in person as well as distantly.

What can you expect during your treatment?

The healing session will last up to an hour. During the session you will lay down on the bed and wear an eye mask. Music will be playing. I will place crystals on you (in stages) and place them over your body to help with all that is mentioned above. I will then channel healing energy to each crystal that is placed down.

During the final 5-10 minutes of the energy healing session, I will intuitively use light language (hand movements) where I am drawn to around you. At no point during the session will I touch you as this is a hands off healing.


Before the session I will speak to you, take some details and send you a link to the music you will need to listen to. All you will need to do is pop on an eye mask, lie down and relax for half an hour. After the session we will reconnect so that you can talk about your session experience with me.

After your 3 Healing session

Following your session, I will ask you about anything that you experienced during your treatment. 3 days later, I will also contact you to find out if you have noticed any changes / shifts as a result of treatment.

It is recommended that you drink plenty of water for at least 3 days after your session to help remove any toxins may have been released from your session.


During the session, you may experience different sensations, but as everyone is different there is no list that fits all. My previous clients have reported experiences that include: -

  • Seeing colours and or images (with your eyes closed)

  • Feeling tingles / Pins and needles

  • Warmth and coolness in different areas of your body

  • Feeling super light or super heavy

  • Feeling waves of emotions coming up and being removed

  • Feeling relaxed

  • Feeling physical sensations

Some of the comments I have received after 3 healing sessions are as follows:

"I feel amazing, like I've been re-born."

"That's the best healing session I've ever had"

"It felt like a blissful love energy."

"I feel deeply grounded."

"I feel really smiley and uplifted."

"I have never felt so relaxed."

And so much more, honestly I've never had such amazing feedback before!

It is helpful to be open minded and don't have expectations before a session as each person is different and will have a different 3 Healing experience.

Many of my clients say that they feel lighter after a session, like a weight has been lifted, super relaxed, blissful and deeply grounded and often find that some of their physical ailments or even anxiety is reduced. If you have suffered with any mental, physical, or psychological issues for a long period of time it is recommended that you consider more than one session for the most benefit. 


It is recommended to have 3 sessions of 3 Healing for the most benefits, but this is a very personal thing so if you would like to try 1 session and see how you get on then that will be absolutely fine too.

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